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Hilaire Productions, Inc. introduces one-of-its-kind, innovative and patented Embrace Collection Towels that has a drawstring attachment and hidden water-resistant zippered storage pockets. Our multi-purpose unisex towel collection comes in large, medium and small sizes that can be used at the beach, theme park, swimming pool, spa facility, hotel, gym, golf course, yoga class and beyond. Now you can indulge yourself in various activities without having to worry about any slip-offs and storage issues.

Strut Around in Style

Wear our stylish Embrace Collection towels at the beach, pool, spa, even at the gym.

Protect You From Prying Eyes

Large, hidden water-resistant zippered storage pocket to hide your money, phone, keys and other important items that you can't leave without.

Soft and absorbent, all cotton Embrace Collection that has drawstring attachment to securely wrap the towel around the body.


My Mother gave me Aire towel as a Christmas gift. I Love it! It is so soft and top quality. Plus with the added waterproof pocket for cell phone and money, I recommend that everybody should have one!

Dyan Marshal

These are beautiful towels! I've got two of the Boston Strong towels and they are gorgeous! Very generous size, vibrant colors and I LOVE the hidden pocket! I will be buying more for gifts. They are worth the price!

Crissy Smythe

Was lucky enough to see the first of these amazing towels great beach investment.... these are gonna be a hot summer item so get yours now before the rush!!!!


Wow saw one of those towels at the gym & I was excited to receive one as a gift I think everyone should invest in one.....


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