10 Summer Travel Essentials for the Busy You

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10 Summer Travel Essentials for the Busy You

Are you ready for this summer? In this post we're vowing to pack light and head out with only the essentials in tow. From a perfect pair of shades to the ultimate in Hilarie towel, your summer packing list starts here. Click on to see and shop a few of our must-have carry-on summer travel items.

Summer Travel Essentials

  1. Sun cream

Going for a city escape or visiting a beach resort, you know that you need sun protection. Some people skip this part, but if you want to avoid harmful effects of the sun, be sure to bring one and apply it as often as applicable.

  1. Water bottle

A bottle will serve you in many situations while travelling. You will use it while waiting at the airport and avoid paying for that expensive airport water but also at the beach or while strolling down the city.

Trivia: Do you know that water is airport's best seller?  Its because they get delivered during off-peak hours and security screened at every step of the process.

  1. Summer read

Whether you're planning on taking a beach break this summer or just want to unwind with a good read on your patio, we've got the books that will keep you in a sunny mood where ever you are. 2017 has great new books to read, don't miss them out!


  1. Hat

Hats offer a styled finish to your most basic looks, and they're just as convenient to pack. Simply lay the hat at the bottom of your bag with the top of it facing downward.


  1. Anti Mosquito Lotion 

Anti mosquito lotion or any bug spray can really help you spend those wonderful summer night along bonfire calmly and having fun for which you waited all summer long.

  1. Beach tote bag

A tote bag serves many functions while travelling. Use it to carry groceries from the local market, to place wet clothing in while returning from the beach or to carry items to your destination if you’re on foot. Lightweight and useful, most of these bags fold into their own small pouch.

  1. Hilaire Beach Towel

Hilaire towel is not only great for any beach or a pool because of the quality of its fabric but it has a unique feature – a hidden waterproof pocket in which you can stash money, cell phone or keys without worrying what will happen with your belongings while you enjoy swimming and diving.

  1.   Travel journal

Writing down your experiences while travelling can be one of the most meaningful things you can do for yourself. Write down about people you met, cultural differences you noticed and how your days went by. If you are good with art you can also create an art journal.

All of the small details you can maybe forget after few months will stay forever and revoke your memory of soul-filling travelling experience you had.

  1.    Flip flops

Let’s face it, flip flops are one of the most amazing and useful footwear you can choose during the summer. Not only that they are easy to pack and quite light, but they are also very easy to style with many different summer outfits.

  1.    Sunglasses

A pair of shades will protect your eyes from the sun, but most importantly help you enjoy sightseeing while summer sun is making all of those beautiful beaches and cities too bright.


Ready for your vacation? Here are some Youtube tutorials on how to efficiently pack your things.

If you are the type who likes to bring a lot or has to go on at least 3 weeks vacation, this video is for you. I find this girl amazing in packing up, so organised!


How about you? Let us know your summer travel essential tips or tips on packing!

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