10 Things Hotels Don’t Want You to Know

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10 Things Hotels Don’t Want You to Know

 Staying at a good hotel can take the stress off our travels. Even though for most people they can treat it as just a place to sleep, having a good sleep while away from home can make or break your day, especially if you are traveling to attend a business meeting. 

Speaking of hotels, you might think of it as just a normal place to sleep with the amenities and all, but do you know that there are things that hotels don't want you to know? There are problems that you might encounter, so here are 10 of them to make you more informed.


 10 Things Hotels Don’t Want You to Know


  1. There is no customer protection from overbooking 

If you show up with a confirmed reservation but the hotel is oversold and can’t give you a room, the hotel has broken a contract and you presumably have a remedy through contract law. But that doesn’t get you a place to sleep that night. 

So before making your reservation, read the fine print. Make sure there aren't clauses about the hotel, that they can cancel anytime for no reason and no obligations other than refunding the money. Make sure you arrive on time so when this happens the hotel won't be off the hook and can't blame you for arriving late. 


  1. You can’t end up in jail over unpaid hotel bill

However, you might have to go to civil court to settle the payments or deal with debt collectors, either one is still a loss.  


  1. You can make last minute cancellations without being charged a fee.


Instead of asking to cancel the reservation, ask if you can reschedule for the next week then call the next day asking to cancel, free of charge. 


  1. Hotel staff have a great relationship with police

To make sure for that a hotel is out of the bad light of media, hotel staff does the best job to be partnered up with police and inform them about anything suspicious.  


  1. You might be able to get the fees waived


If you don’t use the facilities at all or some services didn't function well, the hotel might scratch the charges from your bill. You won’t always get the fees waived, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. 


  1. The drinking glasses only look spotless

The water glasses sitting by the sink in your room might be sparkling for all the wrong reasons. Often happens that housekeeping is just rinsing them and drying them with a hand towel.  

So if you want to use any of the glasses make sure you wash well, or buy your own container. 


  1. Your bad behavior is noted 

Hotels are always keeping track of your behavior so they can warn their staff member about you in order to deal in the best possible way with you. 


  1. All rooms aren’t created equally 

Even if the rooms look the same, their position in the building or the bedroom view can determine the price, but also you can negotiate your way into getting the better room. 


  1. Early Sunday is the best time to book

Note that if you book the room in the evening by coming to the hotel directly you will get the higher price because you don't have as many choices as during the early morning.

Also, keep in mind that on Sundays most of the guests check out which leaves the hotel more prone to give you the best price. 


  1. Booking websites usually have the highest rates

If you are looking to save on your hotel room the best thing is to contact the hotel directly through their website and skip the booking websites. 


So there you go! Make sure you remember these things when you make your booking and before arriving at your hotel. 

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