10 Tips to Make Your Road Trip Super Fun

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10 Tips to Make Your Road Trip Super Fun

Are you planning your next road trip? Road trips provide great opportunity to see the country, enjoy the view, time to think, connect with loved ones or simply seek an adventure.
However, driving between cities can provoke boredom and restlessness, so we decided to give you some tips for the road trip:

1. Use technology

Instead of posting how boring your trip is use the time to catch up with your favourite shows or comedy specials. If you are feeling eager for knowledge you can always listen to audio books or interesting podcasts on your electronic gear.

2. Create your travelling journal

Journaling about your trips is one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself. You will create wonderful memories and you will make sure you don’t forget those details that sparked something in you while you were travelling. You can make videos, take photos or write down everything that you found interesting.  Either way, you will create something from your travelling experience that will last a lifetime.

3. Read a book

While travelling try to pick that one novel that you were wanting to read for a long time. If you prefer not to bring a bulky book you can always save the electronic version on your tablet, cellphone or Kindle reader. Make sure to bring a power bank!

4. Make frequent stops

While you are travelling you can always stop for a great meal or for a cup of coffee. Be sure to stop at truck stops and not on rest areas. Truck stops are more complete, they have restaurants (or fast food), stores and restrooms. While rest areas most often just have restrooms... not so safe when you are traveling alone.

5. Car Karaoke

Do you love to sing? Challenge your co-passengers to sing a karaoke! Sing-along with your favorite tunes, you can even take a video of yourselves singing and upload them online. Who knows, you can be the next viral thing!

6. Don’t research your stops beforehand

 If you are craving for a real adventure, just hit the road without making an itinerary, unpredictability can lead to a lot of fun for you and your friends while traveling.


7. Announce your whereabouts

Use social media to not only notify your friends and family where you are but also to create interesting posts with unusual or interesting things you had a chance to encounter while traveling.

8. Ask a local where to eat

Locals always know where the best food is so in situations when you meet locals don’t forget to ask about their favorite place to eat. With this type of tip, you can’t go wrong.

9. Create a dirt jar

In this jar, you can put soil from every place you visit and mark it on the way there. That is how you will have a tangible and enduring souvenir of the places you visited.

10. Stare at the stars

Use those wonderful nights on the road while you are away from city lights to stare at the stars with your close ones. If your car has a big compartment at the back you can lie down there and relax.
If you are planning to take your kids with you don't forget to bring extra snacks, their things, and activity pile to keep them busy.
Ready for the road trip? Share your thoughts below!

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