10 Top Winter Adventure Attractions in the USA to Go with Your Lovedones

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10 Top Winter Adventure Attractions in the USA to Go with Your Lovedones

Winter can be a welcome season for those who are always on the lookout for adventure no matter what season. If you are the type who won't let yourself be stopped by cold weather, here's a list of top winter adventure attractions in the USA. If you can't go this year, save up and go next year! 


10 Top Winter Adventure Attractions in the USA

1. Olympic Sports Complex, Lake Placid, New York

Photo from Olympic Sports Complex Site

Photo from Lakeplacid.com

This attraction is located a little outside Lake Placid, but you will enjoy the views on your way down. It has gift shops, golf, luge, ski, ice skating, hockey, sled, snowshoeing, fat tire biking, ice climbing, snowmobiling and lots more! It also has spa and dining area in case you want to wind down later after a long fun day. It has lodging too so you can spend the night. We bet a day tour is not enough here!


2.  Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, Colorado

Photo from GlenwoodCaverns.com

This park has "Certificate of Excellence" from TripAdvisor, so you can be sure that this is one heck of a great place. It has 4D motion theater, laser tag, roller coaster, wall climbing, melodrama show, zip line, climbing tower, tram ride, Alpine Coaster, Haunted mine drop, Giant Canyon Swing, and lots more! Most of the people who visited there loved the great views as well, really worth the price. 

3. Ouray, Colorado

Photo from Ouraycolorado.com

Want to visit Victorian-era structures and at the same time have winter adventures? If you are then Ouray, Colorado would be perfect for you. There are ghost towns, museums, film sets, opera house, rock climbing, ice park, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and a lot more attractions that you would love. There are also lodgings too if you think a day tour wouldn't be enough and you want to spend the night. And the best, they have hot springs! 

4. Michigan Upper Peninsula

Photo taken from Michican.org

If you want to go to the best snowmobiling area in America, you won't go wrong with visiting Michigan. It has more than 6,500 snowmobiling trails that adventure seekers will surely love and have fun! You can also explore scenic views and ride to the front door of restaurants and many lodging establishments. 


5.  Pettit National Ice Center, Milwaukee

Image taken from Pettit.com

If ice skating is your thing, then Pettit National Center is your best bet. You might even see the National Skating team training (and get tips as well or have pictures taken!) The public skating fees are affordable (free for kids 3 yrs old and below and $7.50 for adults). It has an awesome training facility, has lots of rooms with two rinks, ice oval, and a three-lane track. Lots of parking and wide area for bleachers too. It also has hockey, figure skating, curling, therapy skating, skating lessons and more. 


6. Rocking Horse Ranch Resort, New York

Photo taken from RockingHorseRanch.com

If your family and friends can't decide whether they want indoor or outdoor activities, Rocking Horse Ranch Resort would be the answer. This 2017 Trip Advisor Traveler's Choice Award Winner has activities for both preferences all in one place. It has horseback riding, indoor waterpark, winter fun park, water sports, bungee jumping, mini bowling and more. Of course, it also has accommodations and restaurants. 

7. Camelback Mountain, Pennsylvania

Photo taken from Camelback Mountain Resort

Known as the Biggest Snowtubing Park in the USA. If vertical drops, slick lanes and radical racing is your thing, you will surely enjoy this resort. It has great scenery and indoor waterpark, buffet restaurants, zip line, ski, coaster, terrain park and lots more. It also has lessons and equipment rentals. 

8. Wintergreen Resort, Virginia

Photo taken from Wintergreen Resort

If you are more into light adventures, Wintergreen resort has just the right amount of combination. It has air hockey, pool tables, bungee trampoline, miniature golf, tree house for kids, indoor and outdoor swimming, hiking, fly fishing, mountain biking and more. It has a full-service spa, archery, terrain park, ice skating and fun park. They also give lessons for ski and snowboarding. Most people love the view too. 

9.  Adventures on the Gorge, West Virginia

Photo taken from Adventures on the Gorge

If water rafting is your thing, then this is the place to go. Adventures on the Gorge is more on water adventure and more rigorous activities. Aside from rafting, they have zip line, rock climbing, kayaking, paddle boarding, rappelling, fishing, biking and battle games. This will be enjoyed more by a big group of people, in fact you can do your team building here.

10. Talkeetna Air Taxi, Alaska

If you want to get an experience on air, why not use an air taxi? Talkeetna will give you a sightseeing tour over Denali. See the mountains, walk on glaciers (no need to climb the mountain!), and great pilots. It could be a bit pricey but its worth the once in a lifetime experience! It has Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor and so far has 94% excellent customer reviews. Note though that it's not for the weak stomach ;)


Did you like our list? Where do you like to go? If you visited an adventure park or had a great adventure before let us know in the comments! 


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