7 Ways to Have a Better Sleep

7 Ways to Have a Better Sleep

"I can't sleep well, am all tired." Hey, it's not something we are telling you about our state, but, are you aware of what we have mentioned! Well, don't' get confused, most of us are well conscious of the statement that we have quoted above. Most of the times either we say it or listen to it from others; all in all, it's a sleep-deprived world. Exactly, you have read it right. If you are sleeping well and getting a chance to wake up fresh in the morning, you are lucky. As per the latest report, nearly 20% of the global population is literally sleep deprived, which is an alarming sign for the coming generations.  

Well, don't worry, with some changes in your bedroom, you can achieve a better sleep. Here we have gathered the 7 most effective ways to decorate your room that will help you organize your sleep and gain relaxing sleep hours. 

  1. Choose Right Color for Walls

Bright colors are fun but not when you have problems with your sleep. Go for some calm and soothing colors like muted greens, blues, and pastels to embrace your mind with calmness and lower down the stress levels. If you are a bright color lover and still want to include it, go ahead with the pillow accents or artwork.  

  1. Do Friendship with Soothing Sounds

Enough of digital sounds now! No mobiles, no tik-tak-toe watch, no television and no low sound jazz music, exactly it's not going to help you with sleep. Have small fountain or babbling brook in your bedroom and hang some good chimes too, and see the results. We bet you will sleep much better.  

  1. Say No to Lights

Exactly, if you wish a sound sleep, then the light is your enemy. Put your cell phone on night mode or better you put it the downside. Understand, even little light from any of the digital devices like mobile phones, clocks and computers can interrupt your REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. Further, if you are getting the streetlight in or you get disturbed with the bright sunlight that comes directly from the window in the morning, it’s the right time you better invest in thin-slat wooden blinds or blackout curtains. It can be a little expensive, but it is all worth when you achieve a sound sleep.  

  1. Have Decent, Neat and Tidy Bed

Keep your bed clean & dry and avoid keeping anything else over the bed. Means, when you see your bed while you are approaching it after receiving goodnight messages from your friends and family members, you should feel good and relaxed. Your bed should reflect cozy feelings for you and not something like- "Ohh, again!! I have to struggle with sleep." Have some neat bedcovers, good quality mattresses, cozy pillow and of course, a decent bed to invite sound sleep for you. You must be thinking, why we are not having a refresh button, right! 

  1. Stay Close to Nature

There is nothing worse than turning and tossing whole night. But, do you know there are some of the plants that actually can make you sleep better? Try putting plants like lavender, jasmine, aloe-vera in your bedroom and soon you will realize some amazing results. Not only you will a natural fragrance but also a lot of oxygen that will drive great sleep to you.  

  1. Ban Clutter

It's a busy world out there. The whole day you follow so much mess that your mind doesn't wish to see anymore mess in your bedroom. Have some cool wardrobes and almirahs to handle the items and accessories properly. Concede, the moment you enter your bedroom, your bed should be the focal point for you and not the extra laptop wires and clothes. Strictly, ban clutter and surely, you will sleep better.  

  1. Embrace Meaning

Have some close photographs that can remind you are here at your place and now you can relax easily. Also, if you want to purchase a car, or a new house, or need promotion, have something like a picture or any other thing that can remind you of your dreams. It is scientifically proven way to relax your subconscious and get rid of the worries. Engage your mind in things you aspire about and definitely, you will feel good and sleep well to wake up fresh and motivated in the morning. 

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