7 Ways to Make your Bathroom Feel Bigger

7 Ways to Make your Bathroom Feel Bigger

Having an extravagant and expansive bathroom is the source of envy for us all. Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes and if your cloakroom, shower room or bathroom space is a little on the bijou size, you may be worried about how to fit everything in. However, there are ways to expand your bathroom without adding any more square footage. Here are 7 ways to make your bathroom look and feel bigger: 

  1. Let in Light

If you're in a position to determine the size of the windows for your bathroom, go big. The more natural light in a room, the more spacious its layout will feel. Bring in as much light as possible. Likewise, take advantage of opportunities to brighten the room with a cool ceiling fixture. Light and bright rooms always feel more spacious than dark and drab ones. 

  1. Use a frameless glass shower  

In keeping with the idea of letting in more light, opt for a frameless glass shower. Because this creates a clear line of sight to the shower walls, it expands what you see when you walk in the bath, making the bathroom feel larger than a compartmentalized area.Frameless glass showers are sheets of thick clear tempered glass held together into the shape of a shower stall by special clips. Frameless showers expand your sightline by several feet. Frameless glass can make space feel like it has an extra wall and you will be able to get light in. 

  1. Go Monochrome

Rather than painting the walls a different color from the tile, make your small bathroom feel bigger with a monochrome palette. Whether you go with white on white or tone on tone, use the same shade in different ways through the room to build a sense of harmony and space. One of the best ways to enlarge your bathroom is to use white on white—white tile, white paint, white fixtures, etc. It's, not a myth; white and other bright hues enhance the sense of space by reflecting light and opening up the room. 

  1. Maximize Mirrors

Because mirrors reflect light, they are another great way to expand a room’s size. Mirrors are magic in the sense that they visually extend a space just by reflecting.  Find a mirror which you love the shape and size of it, and use it to create a focal point. Just remember to mount the mirror strategically, so it doesn’t reflect less attractive parts of the bathroom. The reflected light will open your small space into one that feels more spacious. Be cautious though, as poorly placed mirrors may have the opposite effect and create a reflection-within-a-reflection. 

  1. 5.Convert TubInto a Shower 

Tubs eat up space in small bathrooms in two ways. First, due to their length, they often occupy an entire end of the bathroom. Second, because of their high sides, they again impose that visual stop. Unless you choose a super-sized shower, it will be square and will free up some extra space along one wall. 

  1. Blur the boundaries 

Interestingly, the actual amount of space and what the eye perceives is not always the same. One clever trick is to use the same tiles for walls and floors. If you play with the boundaries of visual perception by, for instance, using the same marble tiles for the side of the bath and the wall behind it, it makes it more difficult to tell where one starts and the other one ends. Result? Your bathroom feels bigger.  

       7. Take On Tile 

Tile is a durable way to add impact and can be used from floor to ceiling. Rather than covering the wall with subway tiles and the abundant grout lines that would accompany them, go with larger tiles that can create an overall larger, less divided look. For smaller bathroom walls, ceramic tiles that are big in size are the most suitable tile to use. 


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