Bed and breakfast it is!

Bed and breakfast it is!

I know that some of you are still afraid to rent a vacation house or bed and breakfast due to our "new normal".
We'll you don't have to worry because there are things you can do so you no longer need to cancel your reservations or hesitate at all.
As you know, bed and breakfast are not crowded like your regular hotel accommodation, which means fewer people come to these places.

What to do before renting one:
1. Call the B&B place and ask for their health protocols.

2. While sanitation is assured you can still bring your own comfortable robes or towels. You can also get excellent quality here.

3. Go ask your friends, ask for recommendations.

4. Check their website and see if you can see any feedback related to this "new normal".

5. Do not forget your alcohol and portable disinfectant.

6. Always, leave feedback so the next ones after you will know you're whole experience.



I hope you'll have a great time! Enjoy!  

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