Checklist for your Staycation

Checklist for your Staycation

Wait up! I know you're excited about your upcoming staycation.

I just want to make sure you have prepared some necessities. Did you have your checklist? If not yet, here are some items you might want to list.

Alcohol(Isopropyl) or other covid-19 paraphernalia. I mean we don't know when will you need it so make sure it's ready and always follow the safety protocols.  
 A clock. Bring an alarm clock to your room. It is typical to find no clock in a room since the point of these quaint inns is to relax and unwind. But I mean, bring it if you're in a schedule otherwise, enjoy the place!  

Dietary needs. There will be some meal service at the bed-and-breakfast, hence the name so brings any dietary foods or supplements that you need daily. These lodgings may not have access to specific products or specialty foods during your stay. Tuck what you need in your bags.

Bath products. Unlike a hotel, some b-and-b's won't provide shampoo and conditioner in the guests' bathroom. You may also choose to bring something fun like bubble-bath or bath bombs.

A power-strip. You will find that especially in older inns and b-and-b's that there are never enough outlets. Tuck a power strip in your bag for added convenience.

Alcohol. Don't assume your hosts will provide wine or spirits during your stay. Some may not have the appropriate licensure to serve liquor on-site. Bring your own and enjoy.
Snacks. You probably won't find vending machines at a b-and-b, so make sure to bring some snacks and water for your room after hours.

Something to watch. While you likely will have a TV in your room, you may not have the good cable or satellite channels that you are accustomed to. Being a movie to play on your laptop or ask if the business offers in-room movie service of any kind.

Something to read or board games. These types of lodging are perfect for curling up with a good book. Bring something to read, either a new paperback or your e-reader. Or just bond with the rest and play a fun game.

Tennis or Sneakers shoes. There could be things like nature walks, horseback riding, or bicycling offered at your b-and-b. Bring the right athletic shoes and apparel in case you want to participate.
I hope this is somewhat helpful! Enjoy your trip!

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