Cheers to the better you!

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Cheers to the better you!

I have been inspired by the book that I previously read that I'm very much excited to share with you all. It's about personal or self-improvement which I don't think at first is really necessary nor important.
Everyone knows that in this life we need constant improvement. Like what they always say "nothing is constant but change", and how do we keep up with that?
Yes, it stressful, sometimes you feel restless and a lot worse than that. But how does self-improvement connected to it? Simple, if you don't let yourself improve you won't be able to adapt to all the changes happening around you.
Self-improvement is a long and thorough process but it is aiming to give you a better and happier life. I mean who doesn't want that? We often look for other's faults at things that sometimes we forget what we did wrong too. At work, we always strive to look for ways to improve our career, the business and everything else so why should we stop looking for ways to improve our own self?
Here are some things I want you to think about and ask yourself. Does your daily routine make you feel restless? Do you find your happiness with other people? Are you afraid to make the wrong decisions? If you answered yes to all my questions then it's time to create version 2.0 of yourself.
So, how should we do it? Start by learning new things at work. Go outside the box and your comfort zone. Try something new! By doing those things you won't feel stressed at work because it should make you excited about getting to work every day because every day is a chance to do something different.
Make a list of all the things you can do by yourself that makes you happy whether it's shopping or even by just cleaning all your shoes, it doesn't matter. Make a way to also make yourself happy without depending on others. Have a happy soul. After that, create your own goals, a bucket list, face your fears, admit your mistakes and do better again. Do things that would boost your confidence. No one should be afraid to say what they want and make a decision for it.
There are more other things you can do. But at the end of the day, no matter how long your checklist will be I want you to write something about what you did to make you a better you. Do it daily and after a month or two you'll be surprised by how far you've improved.
You can do it! What are you waiting for? Start now!


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