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Do you know someone who depends more on technology than education? Someone who has been addicted to new technology like the internet and social media and doesn't see the importance of education anymore? If you do, let me remind you why education is still important nowadays.
New technology cannot and will never replace good teaching. Education is very much like a diamond. The ways of teaching, it is not merely about systems, figures, and facts to make a student or a learner understand. First of all, if you were an educator the first thing you’ll have to think about is how can I ensure that the learner’s needs are met with the way you teach?
The goal of Education is not only to make you learn about simple facts that you can easily search up on the internet, but it is also so much more than that. Human interaction, feeling emotions along as you learn together even with your teacher; it is a feeling that will never be met with Technology.
Education is so much more complex than technology, and that’s what makes it the best. The bond and trust with the educator and the learner make them grow into a better environment, which something that virtual learning cannot do.
Education is like a diamond, Technology is like gold. Why and how are these two are being compared to a diamond and a bar of gold? Gold can be manipulated into other objects like pieces of jewelry, accessories and such. It lessens its raw value because you modified it to become another thing.
In my opinion, the more you change something to become different, the more inefficient and brittle it gets.
Meanwhile, diamonds can be applied to ordinary things, making them more attractive to one’s eye. Using this logic, we can label our lives as the “ordinary thing” and the diamond as “education.” With the knowledge that we have, we can make our life more pleasant, not with just the satisfaction of pleasing everyone’s eye, but for our personal satisfaction and benefit as well.
But this doesn’t mean Technology cannot be a great instrument to Education. Having technology while being educated doesn’t mean people should spend hours and hours reading things on a screen. That’s why it should be just an instrument, a part of learning.
Here are some benefits of having technology in education, instead of changing education as a whole:

For teachers
With all the various online resources, technology can help so much. Educators can use different apps or trusted online resources to enhance the traditional ways of teaching and to keep students more engaged. Making different lesson plans virtually when there is not enough time in class you can upload it for your students to do home reviews. It really gives more students time to learn something on their own.
Learning technological skills
These skills are needed especially in the 21st century, plus all the other technology in the future. By learning how to use technology, it is more likely for you to be skilled, which will have you gain more opportunities in the future. Such as gaining jobs that require you to be a pro at technology. Literally any opportunity can be grabbed with the knowledge of technology as our lives progress through the years, technology progresses as well.
Encourages individual learning
As I have said before educators/learners can upload their learner’s material in order for students to have time for self-studies since time in class is sometimes not enough. The access of technology can make students make their own researches, thus helping them gain knowledge on their own.
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