Four Easy Ways on How to Wash and Dry Fleece Blankets

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Four Easy Ways on How to Wash and Dry Fleece Blankets

Have you ever bought a really comfortable fleece blanket but you are scared of washing it because it might get ruined? Here are four easy ways on how to wash and dry fleece blankets. Fleece blankets are soft and fuzzy, but due to hair, dust, body oils, dead skin cells, pet hairs and such, they need to be washed once in a while. comfy... 


But fleece blankets should be washed carefully or it might get damaged. They usually pill or shred due to improper washing and drying. High-quality fleece, often labeled as "plush" or "luxe", is more durable and will not pill at all. But it doesn't mean you can wash them mindlessly.

Why do fleece blankets pill and get rough?

Most fleece blankets are made from polyester fabric. Polyester in return is made from recycled plastic or petroleum. Fleece blankets differ in thickness and how tight the material was woven. Low-quality fleece blankets are not thick hence they tend to pill or shred more.  

Here are some tips on how to wash your fleece blanket properly and maintain its softness.


Things You Will Need:

  1. Laundry detergent (no bleach)
  2. Clothes line  or any drying rack that is big enough for the blanket

Cleaning Steps:

1.Check for stains

If there are stains on your fleece it is better to treat that area first before washing up the whole blanket. Drop a small amount of liquid detergent and leave it there for at least 10 minutes, then blot it away with a cloth or paper towel. If you need more cleaning power, you can use non-chlorine bleach.


 Do not rub the fabric because it will spread more and it will be harder to remove.


2. Check the tags

Same with clothing, not all blankets are washed the same. There are blankets that need special instructions when washing. Check them out first before you start.

3. Begin wash

Fill your washing machine halfway with cold (tap) water and add laundry detergent. Be sure to dissolve it all before soaking your fleece. It is best not to wash them with other clothes, wash fleece blankets with their likes and best if combined with similar colors. Fabric softeners are not advised to be used because they will damage the material. Use gentle cycle and rinse the blankets one more time.


4. Dry time!

Use low settings (or low tumble) when drying. Avoid high settings because it will result to your fleece blankets pilling and getting damaged. After the dryer stops remove the blankets immediately and fold. Remember, no high heat, so ironing your blankets are not recommended. If you can, air dry your blankets outdoors to have a fresh smell.

Some tips:

1. Hard water can make your blankets rough. Use water softener as needed.

2. Do not use dryer sheets

3. If your blanket sheds, you can use a large pillow case or a laundry basket then put it in the washer.


Here is a Youtube tutorial on how to wash fleece blankets, using white vinegar. You can watch the video here and comment below on your preferred fleece wash method.


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