June is COMING!!!

June is COMING!!!

This month is almost over. It’s time to step back and reflect how blessed you’ve been this month and the things you’ve learned. So, JUNE is coming, and aside from our “please be good to me” wishes, we all know that we look forward to summer too.
I believe it’s never bad to prepare too early. If you’re dying to have a break this summer but feels like you can’t afford to do it. Keep reading we might be able to give you an idea to make your dream into reality.
Ready? Let’s do this….
-This one is tricky because you need to know what you want to create and prepare your plan correctly. You can’t just pick a place without knowing what you wanted to achieve. So, think! Do you want to go swimming, just have your own quiet time, indulge your passion and more? Once you have decided you can go to step 2.
-By this time, you should already have a list of the things you want to do during this vacation. If you have, start checking for a destination that will offer you all the things you wanted to do.
-If you are traveling alone skip this step. However, if you’re doing this with someone else this is a big factor. You must check if companion/s will fit with the things you wanted to do and to the destination you pick. For example, if you’re traveling with a child you might want to check if your TODO list will work for both of you even in worst case scenarios the same goes with your destination.
Step #4: WHEN???
-Now, you and your companion/s, if you have, should choose a schedule when is this going to happen. I suggest preparing a 2-3 different schedules/date just in case you’re planning to do it on a peak season, and you can’t get accommodation.
-At this stage, you already know what you want to do, the place where you want to do it, the person you want to do it, and when. Now, let’s talk about your budget.
Compute the meals you will be having during your trip. If you’re going in a public transport check the fairs back and forth. Also, if you’re planning to explore the city check what’s the cheapest ride to do it? Does the place offers a motorcycle ride or a taxi or a bus, include that on your budget.
Aside from that, of course, you also need a budget for your accommodation and list the maximum budget you can afford per day, also add a budget for souvenirs and for “emergency”. It’s not that something will happen, but it’s better to be prepared. 😊
-Good job! By now, you’re almost done in making your vacation into reality. If you will be going for a trip like an outing, check if it’s a peak season in your destination. Basically, if it’s peak season we know that it’s more expensive and most hotels are fully booked.
However, if you’re someone who just goes with the flow and will not be traveling with a kid there’s always a cheaper way to do this. Look for accommodation who offers camping or with fewer facilities. That should be cheaper for you.
Also, ask for discounts especially if you’re going with a big group. If you’re flying, check on flights. The earlier you book your flight, the better. It won’t hurt you to book your flight 1 month early I assure you big savings 😊
Another trick is, try to check the rates if your flight is early normally it’s cheaper though you may arrive on your hotel early this is your chance to explore the place and it saves you time and money.
Step #7: ACT LOCAL
-Right now, you should just be counting days until your most awaited “break”. I suggest research and look for things that the locals will do (if you’re visiting a new city or country). Check out their cheapest transport, budget-friendly places to visit and eat and more. Normally, if you’ll eat on the hotel, you’re checked in it’s quite expensive, however, if you go outside explore the place you’ll be able to see places where you can eat in a much cheaper price.
-Pack things that will help you survive whatever happens. Don’t pack random stuff especially when you’re traveling alone and in a new place.
Another tip is when I travel, is to bring a snack with me. I mean it wouldn’t hurt at all. Few chips and drinks will work. Since you’re not certain yet about the prices and the place to eat when I arrive this will be a smart move.

I hope we were able to help you 😊

*photo credits to the owner, source: google.com

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