Hilaire Productions Launches New, Innovative Aire Collection of Towels

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Hilaire Productions Launches New, Innovative Aire Collection of Towels

Hilaire Productions© introduces the very first towel that has a drawstring attachment and hidden water-resistant zippered storage pocket.

Hilaire Productions©, where indulgence meets convenience, launches its first line of products. 

The patented Aire Collection of Towels redefines beach towels by integrating the new innovative design of large, hidden water-resistant zippered storage pocket to perfectly fit valuables and drawstring attachment to securely and snugly wrap the towel around the body.

The soft and absorbent, all-cotton Aire collection of towels comes in different uniquely crafted designs, colors and sizes to meet the needs of both men and women of all age-groups. The Aire collection of towels includes a sports line. The sports line is a smaller-sized towel suitable for sports and fitness enthusiasts. It has an integrated loop that allows you to securely attach the towel to your golf bag, exercise equipment, or other sports equipment.

The sports and beach towel of the Aire collection of towels has a special Boston Strong line to commemorate the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing and the proceeds from the sales of this line would be donated to One Fund Boston. In addition, the customers can also create personalized custom-printed designs for the towel specific to their needs.

The brain-child behind this invention is Mr Will Hilaire, who came up with this idea on a trip to Six Flags with his family. During the trip, he realized that there was no secure place for him to keep his cell phone, wallet and other valuable belongings at his side safe and dry. He would need to leave it behind in a locker while enjoying the rides in the water park.

The towel he was wearing kept slipping off and more than the rides he had to focus on keeping his towel in place. This significantly hindered his overall vacation experience.

In his own words, Mr. Hilaire says, “I designed this multi-purpose unisex towel in large, regular and small sizes that can be used at the beach, theme park, swimming pool, spa facility, gym, golf course, yoga class and beyond. Now you can indulge yourself in various activities without having to worry about any slip-offs and storage issues”.

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