7 Ways on How Hilaire Products Can Help You with Your Life

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7 Ways on How Hilaire Products Can Help You with Your Life

If you are going to the beach, spa or gym, most likely you will bring a towel with you. And you will need to have a towel that can keep up with your lifestyle as well. A brand that can withstand continuous wash and still remains soft and comfortable. 

Aside from using these towels to dry yourself, here are some examples of real life situations where you can use our towels:

1. Keep your items hidden and your hands free

What if you are at the resort and you want to stroll around. Of course, you have to bring your phone and/or camera, some money, room keys, towel, etc. You would look weird if you will bring a bag with you right (it's attractive to thieves too).  You wouldn't want to carry them all in your hands as well or leave them alone in the room. 

Our Hilaire Embrace Collection Towels all have hidden water-resistant pockets to keep your hands free from holding all those stuff, and you wouldn't need to rent a locker as well.

2. Prevent your towels from slipping off

Our Embrace Collection Towels have drawstrings to keep them from slipping away. Imagine chasing your kids or running with towels on your body that keep on falling! It would be so distracting and annoying. These would be the least of your worries if you use Embrace Collection Towels. You can run and chase all you want. 

3. Give them as gift

Do you know that all our towels (and all products) can be personalized? You can have their name or a short inspirational quote embroidered. If you don't like it you can give it plain as well. 

4. Wear it on spa

Many people are wondering if they should bring towels to a spa. Most spas would supply it but if you are the hygienic type you might want to bring your own towel. Again, our water-resistant towels with drawstrings are your best bet, since you can tie them and take your phone with you too. 

5. Assist you in gyms, fun run, cycling, or any outside sports

Our sports towels have grommet loop at one end which you can attach to your gym clothes, bag, or bike. You don't have to worry about your items getting stolen in the locker because you can take them with you all the time. 

6. Bragging Rights

Our materials are made from high-quality materials (we have Turkish towels too!) . Our robes, towels, wrap throws and blankets all have great designs which will make you look like a thousand bucks ;)

7. Keep you warm and comfortable

Our fleece blankets and wrap throws can keep you very comfortable in the cold months. December is already fast approaching and these will make a great gift!


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