How to Plan and Enjoy Your Ultimate Beach Vacation

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How to Plan and Enjoy Your Ultimate Beach Vacation

Trips to the beach can be one of our most awaited relaxation moment, especially when you are stressed with work or other personal matters. It can be an enormous fun, especially when you are with your family and friends. However, do you know that vacations can only temporarily reduce your stress?

Most people who go on vacation get their stress back as soon as vacation ends. So to make your relaxation linger longer, here are some ways for you to REALLY enjoy your beach vacation.

10 Tips on How to Enjoy Your Beach Vacation

1. Delegate your work before you leave

It's hard to find relaxation when there are tasks lingering at the back of your mind. It's best to delegate these tasks or finish them before going on vacation so you can finally relax.

Perhaps you won't be able to avoid checking your emails and phone. But if you really need to, keep it to a minimum.


2. Go to beaches that you really like

This might sounds cliche, but be sure to go to places that you are really excited to go to. Oftentimes we get dragged to beaches or vacation spots that we don't really like, and sometimes they fire back to us getting stressed and not enjoying at all.

BUT..this can be solved if you like the company of people you are with. So it's either you enjoy the place or you enjoy the company. But if you can have both, why not?

3. Take care of your valuables

The reason of having a beach vacation is to relax and forget about stressful situations so staying without your valuables is not something you want to experience while vacationing.

In order to help you have a stress-free time on the beach, we created a towel with a water-resistant hidden pocket that can keep your possessions safe.

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4. Plan your beach vacation based on your personal interest

Related to no.1 above, be sure that you will enjoy the beach activities. There are people who want challenge and extremes, there are those who want to lounge on the beach with their good book. Either way, you need to enjoy the activities so you could finally relax.

If you are with a partner or a group, you could compromise and let each other enjoy their "me" time. It's also great to balance the activities and try those you think you will not enjoy. Who knows, you might actually enjoy them and be proud of yourself!

5. Drink lots of water

Summer can be very hot! It's very easy to get dehydrated so try to have a bottle of water always on your hand.

6. Awaken your inner child

Start water gun fights, and take it to the next level. Invite everyone in and add a twist with a water balloon fight. Just simply have fun!

7. Check on the beach danger before going to the water

You must have heard of sharks lurking in the sea, or jellyfishes that have a poisonous sting. If you want to make sure that your time on the beach will pass in fun and leisure always be careful of potential insects or sea life that can cause unpleasant events. You can read up on online reviews if there are people who have encountered them on their recent visits.

8. Book a spa or massage

What's not relaxing with a comfortable massage? Most beaches have this service, and it's highly recommended if you want to relax! You can choose from a variety of massages, like Shiatsu, Thai, Aromatherapy, and others. Be sure to book a massage when you have not taken your meals or it was hours after your meal because you might get stomachache or constipation.

9. Visit beach bars

Are you the type who enjoy drinks? Enjoy beach parties during the nights or try that icy drink in breaks between swimming and tanning. Get to know new people or bond with your loved ones.

10. Have a bonfire

This would be fun with your friends or family! Build a bonfire to stay warm and roast marshmallows once the sun sets. Tell stories and enjoy laughter.

Additional tip:

It's time to go, and a few more hours you're home. Are you planning to go to work tomorrow? It's advised to take another day off and rest whole day before going to work. That way you will be more relaxed and ready to face challenges.


Have you experienced going to the beach and feeling really relaxed? Please share your tips below!


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