How to Plan Your Valentine's Date?

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How to Plan Your Valentine's Date?

Okay, so I know that all of us have been looking for ways to make or plan an interesting valentine's day amidst this global pandemic.


While going to the usual gestures are not ideal for now, I'll be sharing with you some simple ideas to make that day extra special.

1. If you're living with your partner, you should know by now his/her favorite food. For an instance, if he/she likes cheese check on the best restaurant that can cater to you on Valentine's day. On that day, order all of those and for sure she/he will feel extra special. 


2. Listen to live music, I know some local restaurant have restored their operations with safety measures in place and you can request your favorite songs and dine.


3. If you guys like to stroll around why not try a bike ride or tour around. Rent a bike if you don't have one and stroll around bring some food and beer and picnic around the block.


4. You can also take your pets with you around, there is some canine-friendly restaurant around. That will be extra special.


5. Lastly, you can just stay at home and prepare an extra special dish. Check out some videos in the internet and surely you'll learn.


6. Don't forget to give a present that your partner will surely love. Check it here.


I hope I was able to give you some ideas on how to prepare for Valentine's day. Let us know how it went. 


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