How to Prevent Beach Theft and Enjoy Your Summer Vacation

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How to Prevent Beach Theft and Enjoy Your Summer Vacation

Summer is just around the corner! And with summer comes vacations, pool and beach trips as well. While we all are entitled to have fun, there are still things to keep in mind while we are out. For one, beach thefts are quite common. You can see in the Miami Beach crime data below on how common it is.


In fact, the more people the beach has, the more common theft is. Though you can't stop these people, you can use your presence of mind to avoid these thefts and have fun.

The best way to prevent beach theft is to not bring your valuables at all to the beach or pool. You can just bring your sunblock, towels and cheap sunglasses, so when they get lost you won't cry. You can take photos at first too then run back to your room and swim.

But for some people who can’t leave the rooms without their phones, here are some tips to help you secure your items.


1. Do not bring too many items on the beach.

You can bring a little cash enough for food, cell phone or car keys. Do not bring a separate camera or your other gadgets.

2. Use a safe

There are beaches that offer security safes where you can leave your valuables. You can also order portable safes that you can lock down to an immobile item like a table or lounge chair. Aquavault is a good option.


3. Bring a beach towel with waterproof pockets

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This will enable you to carry the items with you all the time, even in water. But if you prefer not to wear your towel and leave them on the sand or chair, remember not to leave the towels alone.


4. Have someone who can guard your things while you are away.

This might not be all that fun, but you and your companions can take rounds between swimming and look out. If you are alone, you can ask people to watch the items for you and then you can watch their items in return.

Some tips on who are the ones most trustworthy to ask:

  1. Elder people
  2. Other solo travellers who look sober and trustworthy. Better if they have items with them too
  3. Families with kids

Be sure not to ask drunk people or those who you feel are not reliable. Trust your guts!

3. Choose a spot near the security guard or a lifeguard.

They might be able to thwart off thieves before they get your things. You'll feel safer too.

4. Rent something on the beach so you can rent a locker.

Examples are life jackets or kayaks. Sometimes they can keep your things while you go out and have fun, and most of them are free.

5. Avoid crowded beaches and go to less crowded instead.

There are some advantages on this because you will be less stressed out and be able to enjoy the beach more. You can also opt to go to the beach on a weekday instead as people are in the office.

6. Get a dry bag and carry it with you all the time.

You won't be able to dive into it but it's great for surface swimming.

Here's a reminder from Alaska Granny on how to hide your valuables at the beach or pool:


Additional notes:

If you can, purchase a travel insurance to help you out when your things get stolen (despite the above efforts!) Sometimes things happen even if you are very careful, so it's still best to be prepared for the loss.

Do you have more tips on how to prevent beach theft? Just hit the comment section! 

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