Are You Traveling Soon? Here are 12 Ways on How to Save Money When Staying in a Hotel

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Are You Traveling Soon? Here are 12 Ways on How to Save Money When Staying in a Hotel

Traveling isn't cheap. Whether you're going away for business or taking a well-deserved vacation, it's just too easy to rack up some bill worth hundreds — perhaps even thousands — of dollars. And often, your biggest budget buster is your hotel room. 

Here are some tips on how you can save some money when staying in a hotel. 

1.Buy Someone Else’s Reservations 

To save money on your next vacation, consider snagging a last-minute hotel deal. The website allows you to purchase other travelers’ unwanted hotel room reservations at a low rate. 


2. Use Coupon Codes for a Cheap Hotel Deal 


Hotels don’t regularly offer coupons, said Woroch. But if you search, sometimes you can find coupon codes for third-party booking sites that will score you a cheap hotel room. 


3. Ask for a Price Match to Save Money on Hotels 

Price matches aren’t just for Target shoppers, they're also for travelers looking for a cheap hotel room. Although hotels might not heavily advertise it, many of them will match a competitor’s lower price if you ask. 


4. Negotiate a Home Away from Home 

Sometimes, the best leverage you’ll have is not with hotels, but with individuals who are renting out their vacation homes. 


5. Stay Midweek to Save Money on Hotels 

If you can avoid staying in hotels Friday and Saturday, you could score a cheap hotel deal. 

"Most hotels offer a significant discount on rates starting on Sunday through Thursday". As an added bonus, the pool, restaurants and spas will be less busy and sometimes offer deals. 


6. Look for Inclusive Hotel Deals 

It can be incredibly frustrating to find a seemingly great hotel rate, only to see your cheap hotel deal get jacked up with daily parking fees, internet fees and even resort fees. The solution — find an inclusive hotel that includes these perks in the price. “Free breakfast, WiFi and parking are big perks that should be considered when comparing hotel rates, as those daily fees can add up quickly depending on the length of your stay”. 


7. Buy Discount Gift Cards 

Gift cards are good for much more than Starbucks or California Pizza Kitchen. You can find discounted gift cards that will effectively make your hotel room cheaper 


8. Use Your Mileage 

You might not realize you can use your credit card airline miles to save money on hotels, too. You can also often redeem credit card rewards for gift cards to use toward a cheap hotel room. 

So when asked, “What’s in your wallet?” Your answer could be, “A free hotel stay.” 


 9. Travel a la Carte 

It might be assumed that any hotel will have minimum features, such as a queen- or king-sized bed, towels, private bathroom and more. But that's not always the case — and it could work to your advantage when you're looking for a cheap hotel. 

"Many hotels allow you to pay less for a 'single' room, which often means a twin bed or a shared bathroom""There are even budget hotels where you pay a low base price and a la carte for add-ons, like daily housekeeping, towels or an in-room TV. If you’re open to bare minimum accommodations, then you stand to save a bundle." 


10. Check in Late 

Waiting until late in the day to check in could get you a better room for the same price. 

"Once your hotel has checked in the majority of its guests for the night, they can better evaluate their vacancies and may be more inclined to upgrade your room for free. 

Beware though that it can also backfire, as you might run out of rooms to sleep. (Please see related article: 10 Things Hotels Don't Want You to Know ) 


11. Stay at an Apart-Hotel 

Apart-hotels are serviced apartments, that come with a small kitchen, which can save you money on eating out. These might cost a little more upfront, but the amenities can help you save in the long run. Plus, they are listed on many travel sites that offer coupon codes. 


12. Look for Reciprocal Hotel Deals 

Many hotels and airlines have point partnerships. But, often, the chance to earn points doesn’t stop there. 


 So there's our list of must-know tips! We hope we are able to help you save up. And if you know more tips, please comment below so we can help other travelers. 

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