How to Turn Your Home Into Holiday Rental

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How to Turn Your Home Into Holiday Rental

It’s everyone’s dream to have a holiday house to call their own. I mean who doesn’t want right? That’s why we work so hard to make it happen but what if you can also use it as a holiday retreat house and generate income when you’re not using it? Sounds like a great idea, right? But you have to make sure that from your guest’s point of view they’ll be able to do everything they need to relax and feel at home.

We’ll give you some tips to make that happen.



This is where it all started. Make sure that the exterior and interior design are both easy to maintain. You want to keep your house attractive inside and outside to attract guests. Make sure there’s enough space for everything. Have a yard or garden where guests can also stay and relax. You might want to go for a design that is appealing in your desired location, for sure this will bring best returns in the long run.

Your house features matter as well. Make sure to choose furniture that is durable and comfortable. Pick colors that are cool with eyes. Even your flooring matters. Add some supplies as well as basic tools, candles and the like. You might want to impress your guests by welcoming them with sweet chocolates or a bottle of wine, it’s your choice. Your goal is to keep them satisfied while on their stay.



You need to know how and where to advertise. You should have someone who is ready for inquiries and bookings. You can also list through local real estate agents so they can recommend you. Most of all, make sure that you invest in making a picture perfect of your home. Those photos will play a big role when you advertise. I mean who wants to check out a place when it’s not inviting even in photos?



Good communication is the key. Make sure your guests feel welcome and at home. Communicate with them through email and/or phone and make sure to be friendly and respond to their inquiries as soon as possible. Once a booking is confirmed, send them a confirmation that includes all details needed for payment, accommodation dates, directions and more. Never forget to send them your house rules and policies so they’ll feel responsible and will take care of your house too.

You might want to surprise them by sending them checklists of things to do within your city, like places they can visit, foods they might want to try and more.



Get advice from experts. Learn the business flow, possible market, how’s the ROI and everything else you need to know.


Do you have your own holiday rented home? We want to hear from you.

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