20 Lovely Gift Ideas for a Girl Who Hates Leaving the House

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20 Lovely Gift Ideas for a Girl Who Hates Leaving the House

Christmas season is coming and we are on the lookout now for the best gifts (and most affordable) that we can purchase for the women in our life. It's also very probable that you have a friend who loves indoors better than outdoors, a lovely girl who hates leaving the house. For this post, we will give you 20 gift ideas that you can take note of and include in your list of choices.

For girls who are homebodies, most of the time books are your best bet. But since it is quite difficult to suggest books because of the wide range of interests, we are excluding them from this list. We are replacing them with other suggestions which you might like to buy instead. Skin care beauty products also not included. 

Note: the suggestions have affiliate links. 


20 Lovely Gift Ideas for a Girl Who Hates Leaving the House

1. Christmas House Slippers

What's lovelier gift than house slippers that shout comfort? This pair is very comfortable with its soft sole and also washable. And in addition, it's super cute and adorable!

2. Ocean beach sand dollar reversible placemats

This design suggests laid back, relaxing vibe. This measures 17 inches, made of fabric and comes in a set of 4. 

3. Popcorn Machine

If your friend has an extra space in the house and loves movies and popcorn, why not get her own popcorn machine? This machine, in particular, looks lovely and vintage. It can make 2-3 gallons of popcorn per batch too. 

4. Funny welcome mats

These welcome mats can insert a dose of fun in the house. Pretty sure her visitors will give a welcome smile upon reading this. It doesn't stick on the door, non-slip and durable. 


5. Funny mug

This gift is perfect for your friend who has guts, and love coffee or tea and mugs. It is made with 11 ounces white ceramic with unique designs.

6. Embrace fleece blanket

Of course, our very own Embrace Collection Fleece Blanket is perfect as a gift, especially on cold season. With elegant, luxurious fabric which guarantees to make anyone comfortable, what's not to love?

7. Laptop desk

If your friend loves to spend time on her bed with her laptop, this would be a perfect gift! It is foldable, made from 100% natural bamboo and has a variety of uses other than a laptop desk. Also has a small drawer to keep pens, usb cables, notepad, paperclips, etc.

8. Bathtub caddy tray

Does your friend like spending time in the bathtub? Does she watch videos and drink wine while on it? If so, this will be perfect! This bathtub caddy has book and tablet holder, cup or glass holder and utility tray. 

9. Art set

Do you have a friend who loves art and drawing? This art set is highly recommended and would make any art lover drool! Also comes with artist brush set, sketch pads, watercolor paper, and palette. 

10. Calligraphy starter kit

If she's into beautiful hand letterings and wants to learn calligraphy, here's calligraphy beginners kit. This kit has everything she needs to get started. 

11. Cozmo

How about a robot with personality? Cozmo can play games, you can use his explorer mode and he's also equipped with Code Lab. 

12. Mermaid blanket

Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?

This mermaid blanket is really neat and cool, but warm enough to make anyone comfortable! This is a crochet blanket and good for all seasons. 

13. Dry skin brush 

Dry brushing is known to improve blood circulation and keeps skin smooth. However, the user will only have these benefits if the brush is made with 100% natural bristles, like this one

14. White Noise Machine

Is she getting stressed lately and having difficulty sleeping? This White Noise Sound machine can help her relax and aids natural sleep. If she has kids this can help her put them to sleep too. 

15. Wireless Headphones

 For your gal who loves music or watching videos on her phone, this wireless headset from BeatsX is just perfect. Fast charging, lightweight and durable. 

16. Personal alarm

For a girl who hates leaving the house, it doesn't mean she'll never actually leave the house. Help her keep safe with this personal alarm from GT Road. It has an emergency self-defense security alarm, LED light and is disguised as a portable keychain.


17. Aromatherapy Oils

This 100% pure, therapeutic grade can be used for aromatherapy, custom massage and body oils, diffusers, vaporizers, oil burners, inhalation, perfume, blends, spa, home care and cleaning products. Get her this Radha sampler kit which consists of the best 8 oils. 

18. Star shower

Bring the night sky to her room with this Star Shower Stars Projector. Has motion activator button and sensor that turns off in the daytime. 


19. Twinkle star LED curtain

Give her a romantic room setup with this Twinkle Star LED Curtain. Since this is waterproof, it can also be displayed indoor and outdoor and perfect for any occasion. 

20. Meditation lamp

This meditation lamp can bring instant artsy, futuristic, calm vibe in any room. It is energy saving and has a 3D visual effect. 



That's it for our 20 recommended lovely gifts for the girl who hates leaving the house! If you have more ideas feel free to comment below. 




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