Partnering with Hotel Contessa

Partnering with Hotel Contessa


Hilaire Productions has been in this industry for years and we’re happy to say that we’ve partnered up with some of the amazing hotels. One of which is Hotel Contessa.


We are happy about how our business relationship is doing right now, and we look forward to more years of working with them.


So, we send them a message to ask some questions and feedback about our product and its impact on their business.


We opted to do this because we value our relationship with and this will help our team to keep motivated and work on areas we need to improve.

Here are the questions:
What’s the name of your business/hotel and what’s your company vision/mission?
Answer: Hotel Contessa 
How did you hear about us and what made you decide to give our product a try?
Answer: Will Hilaire, the CEO reached out to me and I was intrigued about their product.
How many products did you initially ordered and why?
Answer: 530 pcs of blanket
What are your expectations about our product and how did it turn out when you received your first order?
Answer: I had high expectations about it because Will talked about the high quality and EVERYTHING HE SAID WAS TRUE.
What were your customers feedback about our product?
Answer: They loved it!
What’s the impact of using our products for your business?
Answer: I have great guest reviews.
Do you have any feedback or suggestion?
Answer: Faster fulfillment of orders
from: Lisa A of Hotel Contessa in Riverwalk

We are very happy about the feedback we got from them so what are you waiting for guys? Experience our great products while staying in a hotel will surely make your dream vacation into reality.


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