The Cozier the Better: How to Make Your Living Room Warm and Comfortable

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The Cozier the Better: How to Make Your Living Room Warm and Comfortable

Gone are the days that everything is about being expensive & fancy in terms of their living room, what matters now is, is it cosy enough for you to feel comfortable in it?  

Before we talk about how to make your living room cosy let us know first what cosiness really mean?  

Google dictionary said that "Cozy" is a place where you'll feel comfortable and warm.  

So I think it's safe to say that a cosy living room is a place where you can stay for long and don't mind at all because you're too comfortable to be stuck in there. This might become your favourite place, a place where you can be yourself alone or not.  

So since we all know now what is cosy means let's list down some ways to make a cosy living room. Try searching the web and you'll found different ways to design or decorate your rooms to make it cosy but I think whatever motif you have it all boils down to 3 factors:  


Here's How to Make Your Living Room Cozy


1. Color 

This is very important because your wall or room color will set the mood. Think of what colour you would want it to be, the softer it is the better. Softer shades make it more relaxing and cosy to see.   


2. Arrangement

Your furniture arrangement matters a lot. If it's too crowded the room will look too small and would look like it's hard to move which is the opposite of what we would like to achieve. Furniture can be symmetrically arranged to make it feel refreshing and comfortable.  



3. Density

When creating a cozy room "less can be more" think of what is necessary and again what would make you and all your family members comfortable. You practically don't need everything you see online to make it cosy it still depends on your personality on how to make a room cosy for everyone.  


Do you have any living room arrangement tips that you like? Feel free to share on the comments below!



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