The Humble Beginnings of Will HiIaire

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The Humble Beginnings of Will HiIaire

Will Hilaire was interviewed by Boston Voyager about how he started the business and how he keeps everything in balance. To see the interview, click here. Here's the excerpt for your quick reference.

Humble Beginnings: 

Will Hilaire, the owner of Hilaire Productions, is a native of Haiti. He migrated to the United States in 1993 through the efforts of his father who went to the US in 1981 to look for work. His father experienced hardships in the US and was even detained for several months. When he was released, he took two jobs to support him as well as provide for his family.

While his father was away, political instability began and the country’s economy got worst. His mother worked hard to augment the family income and helped her father in providing for their family expenses.


Source of Inspiration:

His hardworking mother was the source of inspiration for Will. Although life was hard, his mother still taught them the value of honesty. She taught them to be happy with whatever they have and to enjoy life. His mother strive to send all of his children to school and that’s how they started to value education and promised to themselves that they would finish their studies no matter what.


New Life in the US

Because of political and economic turmoil in Haiti, his father decided to move them to the United States.  His father filed the petition in 1989 and they were able to transfer in 1993.

He thought life would be better in the US but he was wrong. They lived in a neighborhood where Haitians were in constant trouble with Black Americans. The same was happening in their school, too. But Will remained positive and still kept attending school. He focused on the promise he made to her mother that he would finish his education.




Two years after moving in the US, he was able to find work. He worked steadily and was able to build a career for 22 years in retail and merchandising. He now occupies a managerial position.




Life is good now for him and his family. He now has a house which he bought after 11 years of working. He has two beautiful children and is with his fiance for 20 years now. The love and support of his family and his extensive work experience inspired him to put-up his own business which he called Hilaire Productions.


Current Challenges


Although life is much better now than before, he still has to deal with some challenges like family and work life balance, managing his time between work, business and family. Seeking funds for their business and keeping it profitable is also a challenge for him. He got a lot of rejections in pursuing her passion of putting up his own business. But he stood firm and strong to continue because of the love and support of his family.


The Business


Hilaire Productions is into selling beach towels that have hidden pockets and drawstrings that are water-resistant. Its aim is to enable the people to bring their mobile phones, wallets and other valuables whenever they go to the beach, gym, and spa. They could keep it inside their beach towels and don’t worry about their valuables being stolen or lost somewhere.


They also have other products like the super soft Luxe towels (this one has no hidden pocket), Luxe fleece blankets and wrap throws. They are constantly producing and innovating products that people will love.


Life’s Lessons


His life experiences most especially in his younger years taught him that determination and hard work are key factors to success as well as the love of his family especially his parents. His determination to change their lives for the better, enable him to seek her own luck that eventually created opportunities for himself and his loved ones.

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