Top 10 Gym Essentials That You Need to Pack for Every Workout

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Top 10 Gym Essentials That You Need to Pack for Every Workout

All of us have reasons why we go to the gym, but the bottom line is most of us go there to look good and feel good. We are all motivated to meet our end goal, that we are determined to stay enrolled. But, sweating it out may not be the only thing you have to think about, you also need to know what gym essentials to bring.


Here are Top 10 Gym Essentials that you need to bring on your workout:

1. High-quality gym bag

Buy yourself a high-quality gym bag that will go well with other casual clothing and will keep looking great over time. You also need a bag that will fit your wallet. Try this Everest Gym Bag with Wet Pocket which has extra space for your other belongings.

2. Water bottle

For any type of workout, your hydration is the most important which means that you should most certainly invest in a good water bottle.

You can buy cheap water bottles like plastic containers but they are not really good to use. Most of them smell and somehow tastes like plastic.

Here are some good bottles that you can use:

a. Glass water bottles - these are a bit heavy and break easily. But they don't absorb odor, flavors or chemicals. You can try this stylish and functional  Ello Pure BPA Free Glass Water Bottle available in different colors.

b. Stainless steel water bottles - these are a bit pricey, but they can keep your water cool longer and are more durable. This 45 Degree Latitude 40z Water Bottle is perfect for your needs. It's BPA free and perfect for gym, office or sports.

3. Running shoes

The gym calls for steady and stable running shoes that will allow you to maximize your workouts and performance.

You may ask, why do I need running shoes? Are my regular sneakers, rubber shoes, etc. not good enough?

Running shoes is the one best to use in gyms, not just because it's squishy, but because it can make you stable and grounded. Especially when you are lifting weights, dancing or squatting.

Running shoes also absorb impact and help you press more on your next stride without slipping off. In short, these shoes are safer to use and are more comfortable for your feet.

However, if you are not really into lifting, and instead you are more into calisthenics type of activity, wearing a running shoe will not make a big difference. You can use minimalist shoes instead. This also applies if your activity is mostly done sitting, or you don't need to wear shoes at all. Examples are ordinary sneakers or low-cost rubber shoes.

4. Towel

A towel will not only keep your hygiene at a high level but sports towels from Hilaire Productions can hold your possessions like cell phone and wallet without worries of theft.


5. Deodorant

To completely freshen up after a long workout you will require a shower, but for those who prefer one at home, a good deodorant will serve you well between the gym and your personal bathroom.

The type of deodorant to use vary from personal preference. But if you want ideas, people who work out usually use Degree, Secret, Arm and Hammer Ultramax, and Dove Ultimate.

6. Headphones

What's a workout without music? Music will keep you going and get your heart rate pumping with tripping over any cords.  The best ones to use for gym or sports are the wireless types. Try these AELEC Wireless Headphones which are sweat proof and has noise canceling features. Also, has a mic in case you have a call.


Like deodorants, the type of music to use depends on your preference too. But if you want ideas, here's a Youtube video on WorkOut Music for 2016/2017.


7. Lifting gloves


Sweaty hands can make gripping weights a slippery affair, so it often pays to wear weight lifting gloves. Try this very affordable Contraband Black Label which has vented mesh and leather palm.

8. Snack

Once the hard work of training is done, it’s time to kick start your recovery with a post-training snack. Ideally this should contain protein and carbohydrate in an easily digestible form such as a shake or bar.

9. Hair tie or hair band

If you're a lady with long hair (or a guy who rocks a man bun), you know how hard it can be to keep track of your hair ties. That's why it's essential to always keep several in your gym bag.

10. Performance monitor

Having a fitness monitor will allow you to see how far you’ve come and how much longer you have to reach your goal. There are cheap brands available but if you want something more sophisticated and fashionable, you can check out the latest new devices. You can get this LEMFO Bluetooth Waterproof Fitness Tracker that has heart rate and blood pressure monitor. You can use this not only in the gym but outside as well, like when you go jogging or swimming.


That's it for the top 10 gym essentials! Is there anything you think should be on this list? Just comment below and let others know of your suggestion. Don't forget to download the gym essentials check list here.


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