What to Wear and Take to Spa

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What to Wear and Take to Spa

Whether you’re someone who always visits the spa on a daily basis and have a regular masseuse or have never visited one but very much interested to visit one soon I’m sure you wanted to know what to wear and take to the spa especially if that’s a new place for you.

Keep reading as we answer the top 3 questions to make sure you’ll have a relaxing experience.

TOP QUESTION: What kind of clothes should I wear?

Well, both luxury and basic spas would want you to be comfortable as much as possible. So, as long as your comfortable go for it – but sometimes your clothes are only allowed to specific areas for hygiene purposes. It’s important to check their official website for any dress code if there’s any.


What items should I bring?

Honestly, it’s actually up to you but there are a few things that are really a necessity.

  • Changing clothes – using your used clothes especially your undies isn’t ideal, it’s not refreshing and not a good idea. Better to bring new ones that you can use after the spa. Make sure it will suit whatever plan you have after.
  • Toiletries – most spas provide these but still, it’s best to have your own things ready.
  • Flipflops – where one if you’re going to a spa if possible, it’s comfortable and easy to wear. However, some spas provide you one that you can use while you are inside.
  • Towel/Robes – most spas have complimentary robes and even slippers that you can use but if you prefer to use your own you can do so. You may want to use a safe towel. Like an innovative towel that can keep your belongings safe. Check out our embrace collection for reference: https://hilaireproductions.com/collections/embrace-collection
  • Swimming Attire – you are required to have proper attire when you’ll be in a jacuzzi or hot tub facilities so make sure you are properly ready for it.


Will I be naked during my visit?

Most spas allow guests to keep their underwear to make you feel comfortable. They may also provide you a disposable underwear for hygiene reasons. Spas and their staff understand that potential nudity can cause great anxiety for guests so it’s important to remember that spas want their guests to be relaxed as much as possible. So, if this happens don’t be afraid to voice out your thoughts or concerns.

It’s best to check their official website to check their rules and policies.


Are you excited to visit a spa? Let us know how it went by leaving us comments and suggestions.


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    These are basic things that need to know.“thumbs up”

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    Do they do massages with groups? i wat to try it out with mah gurls

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