Where can I find a kid-friendly hotel?

Where can I find a kid-friendly hotel?

I believe you opened this because you already have a kid/s or you’re pregnant or planning to have one soon. So, congratulations parents for your bundle of joy.
Once you become a parent it changes everything. Most of the time you wanted to be in control of everything that’s why sometimes you need a break. But most of the time too, parents are hesitant to travel with their child for so many reasons and one of which is this question “Is it a kid-friendly place?”
Oh yes, it’s a question that most parents would like to ask every time they’ll look for a staycation. I mean as a parent you want to bring everything your child “might“ need during the vacation. BUT you also don’t want to over pack and bring bulky stuff, right?
So, a place that is kid-friendly is like a heaven-sent place for families. So, this time we’ll try to help you figure out if your hotel can give all your needs most especially for your kids.
If you’re into it keep on reading…
So, you heard about lots of hotels claiming to be family-friendly. What does it really mean? Well, most of the time it means that they have a pool amenity, or they don’t ask for extra charge for kids sleeping in the same room with parents, or probably you have a welcoming treat for kids when you arrive but what makes a hotel truly kid-friendly?
Here are some things you can check when choosing where to have a vacation:
  1. Wheelchair Accessibility – if it’s fully wheelchair-friendly it’s also stroller-friendly. It gives you easy navigation without any hassle of using the staircases will surely make the difference when it comes to fully enjoy the property. You can bring your stroller along with you while you check out the resort.
  2. Fridge and microwave – Yes, all you really need is a fridge for cold storage and a microwave to heat baby food and sterilize bottles and utensils. An electric travel kettle is a handy take-along.
  3. Kid-friendly dining – Some hotels have kid menu that will be suitable for your child while you’re dining. Most of the time they also have high chairs available or if your child can’t sit for long you can use your stroller instead to keep them still. Early arrival for dinner might be a good option when everyone is not yet too busy in the kitchen so they can serve your food faster and your child will not get bored.
  4. Entertainment – most of the time people who come to a hotel or resort looks for nightlife or a place to chill at night. So, if you’re staying in a hotel that hosts a night party you may want to request a room far from the venue so your child can sleep peacefully at night.


5. Room Choices - we choose our hotel rooms based on our needs, but most hotels have a suite with separate living and sleeping areas, which makes them the ultimate kid-friendly hotel.

   6. Crib’s availability – You’re lucky if you find a hotel that can lend you a crib and set it up to your room. If they have this, they are certified kid-friendly hotel. So, before bringing your own crib or plan to go co-sleeping with your child it’s best to ask your hotel for this.

 7. Inspect your room – Check out the whole room before you let your child roam around. Check for anything that they might reach like electric outlets, open wires, hot water and such. Ask for assistance from the hotel attendant to make it safe for your child.

8. Give freedom – Lastly, once you’re done inspecting the room let your child loose, let him roam around and observe. See if something may find them interesting and action it.

I hope we’re able to give you an idea on how to check a kid-friendly hotel. The list may go on and on.
But again, it’s always nice to spend quality time with your family and your kid’s safety and comfort are more important.

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