Why is Valentine's Important?

Why is Valentine's Important?



Oh well, by now you should've already read and know the history of Valentine’s Day.


So, I want to talk about why is it important? We all know that St. Valentine have made so many things before and probably the most interesting was supporting fertility festival and secretly perform marriage ceremonies when it was forbidden.


More like, you and me against the world kind of action and I guess that's why most people in relationship makes an effort to make this day special to their partners.



On the other hand, this is also a good day for single to dress up, go out and meet someone. Ultimately, you're not the only single person in the world you might meet one soon and you'll become a couple too. How romantic, isn't?


Or if you're happy to be single I will still encourage you to get up and pamper yourself today. You deserve all the self-love you need.


Personally, this day is made to make you feel extra special whether you are in a relationship or not.


After all there are different kinds of love to celebrate (even everyday). :)

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