"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

~ Nelson Mandela


Years ago I encountered a young boy who wanted to buy my car. It was funny back then because he was so young that most likely he didn't know how to drive. So I did not take him seriously and told him to come back later when he's old enough. 

After three years he came back to me and he said: "hey I got my license can you sell me your car now". I was really surprised to see him again because he was gone for a while. He told me that he moved, but he did not forget what I said, and my car.

So I told him, "congrats on your license! Please come back next day I'll look for my keys". After he left, I'd thought of ways on how to help him more. So I'd thought of giving the car to him instead on a condition that he improves his grades. 

However, when he came back weeks later, he told me that he already bought another car!  I told him that "oh, I was planning on giving that to you!". He could not believe what he heard and he thought he lost on a great deal. 

That's how I got the idea of giving a car to another student who can improve their grades to go to college.  



 I recognize that all people want, and deserve, to have good education

There is no age limit for those desires. Every person has the right to be educated no matter what age and mental capacity. Many people believe that only privileged people can get educated or only smart people can go to school.We are led to believe that if you are poor or old, then you cannot get an education.