Boston Strong Sports Towel

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  • Sweat it out with our Hassle-Free Sports Towel;
  • Integrated Grommet Loop that fits securely to any sports gear, golf bag or sporting equipment;
  • Hidden, Zippered, Water-Resistant Storage Pocket accommodates smartphones, glasses, keys, iPod and beyond;
  • 100% All-Absorbent Cotton Made;
  • Machine Washable;
  • Unisex
  • Available in One Size Only (14.25" x  24")
  • UPC Code: 859694005002

Boston Strong Sports Towel

Check out our revolutionary sports towels that are designed for your active lifestyle. Our Embrace collection sports towels come with water resistant pockets and attachable loop for convenience.

Whether you are running on the treadmill, or smashing some tennis balls at the tennis court or just practicing to put the ball in the hole at the Golf Club, our Sports towels would help you remain cool and refreshed while absorbing all your sweat!

Why purchase the Boston Strong Sports Towel?

Do you know that there are thieves that can also steal valuables in the gym while you are busy getting fit? Even lockers are not a safe place. You can opt to leave your valuables at home, but you won't want to leave your phone and car keys behind.

Its a common problem for gym customers, especially to those who are new. Getting these towels will minimize your worries and let you enjoy your fitness routine.