Ombre Crescent Beach Towel

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  • Hidden, zippered, water-resistant pocket accommodates smartphones, glasses, iPod, Wallet, keys and beyond;
  • Integrated draw string attachment for securely wrapping the towel around the body;
  • Perfect Size for Sand-Free Lounging;
  • Size 32" x 58"
  • 100% All-Absorbent Cotton Made/ Machine Washable;
  • UPC Code: 859694005064


Ombre Crescent Beach Towel

Head to the beach or just laze at the poolside with our Ombre Crescent Beach Towel with water resistant pockets and drawstrings.

Hilaire Products has created Embrace Collection Towels that are made from 100% absorbent cotton. It has water-resistant pockets to carry your personal items and drawstrings to keep it from slipping off your body. Talk about comfort and practicality.


Why purchase the Ombre Crescent Beach Towel?

Do you know that there are thieves that specialize in stealing beach bags and valuables from distracted visitors? You can opt not to bring the valuables with you, but it's not always possible. It's a common problem for tourists, especially on crowded beaches. Getting these towels will minimize your worries and let you enjoy your vacation more.