Double Take Elegance

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This is one brilliant idea - two towels in one! That's the DoubleTake!

It's a giant beach towel for sand-free lounging, then unzip it to have two stylish towels, one for your top and one for your waist and legs.

And it's distinctive, integrated drawstring keeps your DoubleTake comfortably and securely up, while the water-resistant zippered storage compartment removes the trouble and worry of carrying smartphones, glasses, iPod, wallet, keys and more!
  • One gorgeous, thick, plush and absorbent towel that unzips into two!
  • Patented drawstring means no slipping off your waist!
  • Hidden water-resistant zippered storage compartment keeps valuables safe and dry!
  • Quality made of 100% all-absorbent cotton
  • Easy care, machine washable

One Great Towel That Zips Apart To Become... Two Great Towels