7 products to help you have a best day at the beach

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7 products to help you have a best day at the beach

For many people, a day at the beach requires the best products. A chic swimsuit, an oversized beach towel, and a reliable sunscreen are essentials. But even the most modest, hassle-free beachgoer might discover that the right product can seriously upgrade and even simplify their day at the beach. However, stock up on the right product to maximize your fun and enjoy your day to the fullest at the beach. Here is the list of the best and most required products at the beach:

Beach Tent and Umbrella

Shield yourself from the sun with the beach tent or umbrella which pops up instantly when you are ready to use it and folds down small for easy carrying.The Beach Umbrella stands up to the fiercest winds and provides an outstanding sun protection. It supports two tilting positions for optimum shade.

Amazing Beach Towel

The perfect beach towel is one of the key elements to any day at the beach. Even if you are not beachside, there are countless uses for a beach towel, and having a great one will last for years to come. Complete your beach essentials with a colorful and very beachy towel. While a full-size towel is great, they can be hard to tote. Keep a couple of full-size towels and pack them in your waterproof beach bag for an extra-wet day.

Waterproof Beach Bags

When you’re playing in the water and sand, technology is always at risk of getting ruined. If you really want to keep your belongings safe from the water and sand, try having a durable dry bag. Most waterproof bag, which has been tested and approved by dive and sailing teams, comes with a carrying strap and a waterproof smartphone case that floats. You can protect your phone with this special case that keeps out water, dirt, sand, and mud. The phones held in the case can stay dry in water up to 20 feet deep. The front screen is touch sensitive so you can still use your device, and the back has a transparent panel that lets you take pictures and record videos while inside water.

Waterproof Wireless Speaker

What’s a beach day without music? Tunes are a must for days on the beach, but it can be tough to find the right speaker to bring with you. To enjoy your day at the beach, a portable waterproof speaker is a must-have accessory, especially for music lovers. Take your favorite music to the beach this summer with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Many of them have a wireless connection range around 30 feet and a battery life of up to 12 hours which is enough for you to enjoy your favorite tunes all day at the beach.

Solar Powered Charger

Nothing like a hot summer day to suck the life out of your device's batteries. Luckily, power from the sun is free. If your phone dies at the beach, you won't be able to listen to music, take pictures, record videos, or get in touch with friends. So get yourself a Solar Powered backpack or charger to allow you get all your device charged at the beach.

Beach Chair

If you are planning to go to a beach, beach chairs can make all the difference you need. Beach Chair comes in a variety of solid colors as well as stripes, mesh and sail-cloth limited editions. The chairs are water-resistant, weather-resistant, lightweight and built with a shoulder strap for easy convey from the car to the beach. Also, most chairs provide five different recline positions and cup holders.

Portable Safe

A common concern on the beach is where to place your valuables when going for a swim. Instead, of you looking for a designated watchperson, a portable safe is aimed to solve the problem easily. The safe gives you a secure place to store valuables almost anywhere. Thanks to a programmable rental grade lock and slash-resistant plastic, the portable safe can easily be attached to beach chairs and other furniture. Therefore, you can go for that swim without been concern about your stuff, money, watches, sunglasses, smartphone and other valuable gears you have.


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