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I know you have read so many articles about getting enough sleep and it's either you're eager to get all those benefits or you're trying to get enough sleep. So, today I wanted to elaborate further on what happens to your body when you are lack of sleep.  If you are having a hard time sleeping, know that you are not alone. Insomnia is the inability to get to sleep. I know it's so hard, but knowing the causes can help you a lot. There are actually so many reasons it can be physical stress, emotional stress, your activities, the foods...

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The summer weather will definitely make you sweat so your sunglasses and bikini will definitely make you look hot under the sun. But have you ever thought of your oily face and smeared makeup would not look good? So, before you step outside we’ll give you some tips on beauty essentials to look at your best even this summer.   TRANSLUCENT POWDER Keep this handy and ready on your purse to instantly mattify your complexion when you feel cakey under the sun.   TINT Say goodbye to your heavy lipsticks this summer. Have a dual-purpose tool that will surely make...

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I know you’re excited about the most awaiting summer outing you have with your friends and family but before you wear your new sunglasses and bikini you have to make sure that your skin is ready for the summer heat.

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