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Alright, for sure this weather wants to make you sip your cup of coffee or hot chocolate while reading your books or open your favorite chips while watching your most awaited episode.   But believe me after this cold weather soon you don’t want to look u healthy for fall most especially for summer. So, we have a few tips & reminders to help you stay in shape.   KNOW YOUR GOALS - anything you do without a goal is a total waste of time. So, go ahead write down your goals or print the body figure you always dreamed...

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Winter season varies per region. It is according to the hemisphere in which the country is located. In the United States and Europe which belong to the Western Hemisphere, winter season starts in December and ends in February. Japan and Korea experience winter in the same months too. On the other hand, in the Southern Hemisphere where Australia and New Zealand belong, winter is experienced in June to August each year. In winter time, the days become shorter, and the nights become longer. It is freezing cold outside; it is hard, even dangerous to walk on snow that covers the...

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Christmas will be here in a few days and maybe most of you are already excited! Christmas is known to be the day for children, lovers and families, the season of gift giving (and the season of sales). But do you know other facts about Christmas aside that it's celebrated every December 25?  Here are 10 Facts About Christmas That You Probably Don't Know 1. Was Jesus born on December 25? Jesus was not born on December 25. Historians actually believe Jesus was born in spring. That date was probably chosen because it's the date for the ancient pagan Roman...

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