Best way to get ready for winter!

Best way to get ready for winter!

Fall just started but winter is approaching soon. It’s never to early to prepare for Winter, the cold & flu season – or at least avoid having it.

We don’t want to miss all the festivities this season or at least no one wanted to get sick, right? Just like what they always say “Prevention is better than cure”. Let us share some tips to help you be equipped this season.

Check your diet dear, this season will start to make you lazy and have all the excuse you want to stay away from a fresh diet and say hello to the power of the microwave. However, this is the time to get serious and focus on what you’re eating. Start by eating vegetables and fruits, still, an apple a day keeps a doctor away. Chew on those fruits and vegetables with high vitamin c. Don’t forget to eat some carbs too. It will give you energy for your long day at work or your busy weekend. Most especially, eat foods with high protein. This will keep your immune system strong.

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Yes, I know you want to be a couch potato this season but of course, you still need to exercise to keep you healthy and active all throughout. If you can’t go out and go to a gym try out the simple exercise that you can do at home. If you still can, run or walk outside to breathe some fresh air. We understand that you’ll not be able to do this as frequent before so try to make a routine of at least twice or thrice a week.

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Winter will make you lazy but lying in bed all day doesn’t mean sleeping well. Sleep is vital to have great energy daily and for a healthier immune system. Have a good 8 hours of sleep daily. Lack of sleep or oversleeping will not help you function well. If the cold bothers you, invest now in a good quality product that can help you warm and will make you comfortable this season.

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Aside from healthy foods, this season may want you to drink all possible supplements just to stay healthy and avoid having a cold and flu. There’s so many in the market and we can’t give a specific brand to recommend. But here are some nutrients you need to check when buying:

Vitamin C – this is vital to boost your immune system, antioxidant and more.
Vitamin D – this is good for your bone health.
Zinc – this is great for proper growth and maintenance of the human body.

Lastly, drink lots of water. Drink 6-8 glasses daily to keep you hydrated.
Hope this helps!

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