Skin care routine for travelers and beach lovers

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Skin care routine for travelers and beach lovers

I know you’re excited about the most awaiting summer outing you have with your friends and family but before you wear your new sunglasses and bikini you have to make sure that your skin is ready for the summer heat.


Keep reading as we give you tips on how to prepare before, while at the beach and after skin care.



If you’re done making your lists of things to bring you might want to check it again and see if you have your sun care essentials listed. Things you need are your umbrella, sun hat, sunglasses, aloe vera gel and most importantly your sunblock SPF. After shower and cleansing make sure to apply facial moisturizer and body lotion. Once it’s fully absorbed, apply your sunblock.



Yes, you’re done applying your SPF before leaving the house, but do you think it will last the whole day? Think again, dear! Sunscreen is needed to be reapplied every 2 hours. So, if you see your skin dry go ahead and get your aloe vera gel or body lotion on all parts that needed it.



After all the sun and wind, our skin definitely needs some pampering. The first step is cleansing. Cleansing your skin after visiting the beach will remove dirt, impurities, debris and more. Go ahead and use your gentle facial cleanser and extend that cleansing on your body too. Once your clean use a cooling mask and grab those hydrating body lotion or body butter for the rest of your body. Then you can do your usual skin regimen.

 I hope this reminder helped you out. Share your thoughts with us.

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