Where to Go If You Want to Splurge in Your Vacation

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Where to Go If You Want to Splurge in Your Vacation

The economy may be unstable, but you always have your travel dreams. Learning new things and experiencing it yourself makes it on top of your bucket lists.

If you have limited budget but would still want to travel and explore as much as you could, below are some of our low-cost travel ideas or affordable ways to meet your travel goals. Are you ready? Keep on reading.

How to keep your travel budget in check:

  1. PLAN IT – you have to check the peak and off-peak season of the place you wanted to visit. If you don’t want to be there during rainy days definitely, the mid months between these seasons are the perfect timing for you. You can get both less crowd and a better (if not best) weather than rainy days. On top of it, you’ll definitely get some discounts. Go for camping!

  2. SIGN IN FOR SAVINGS – most of the time, hotels or booking websites offer exclusive members-only savings. Skeptical? Try it yourself and be surprise with the reward programs and exclusive promo discounts.

  3. CHECK CANCELLATION POLICY - most booking sites have free cancellation on the majority of listings, but always be sure of the cancellation policy and check its validity (e.g. sometimes free cancellation of booking applies only for 48 hours before the booking date). While this is a great way to hold an exceptionally good rate, many booking sites offer an even greater discount if you book a non-refundable rate. It pays to plan ahead!

  4. LOOK FOR COUPON CODES - find a coupon for that hotel chain or the booking site you found it on. Always put in the year and/or month to filter out expired coupons, e.g. “Hotels.com September 2015 coupon”

  5. TRY BIDDING, LAST MINUTE PROMO or MYSTERY DEALS - Price bidding is a virtual auction, and involves offering your own price on a known hotel (keep in mind that a bid is a commitment to that price each time).


While some travel with budget, there are also who saves for their travel dream to have a bigger budget. We have a few good places to visit with your hard-earned money and spend it wisely.

If you have a higher budget, here are the best places to go:

North Island in Seychelles

North Island in Seychelles is said to be the most private resort in the world. It is said to be the favorite honeymoon place of celebrities around the world, because even when the resort is fully occupied, you won’t see other guests that are staying from each of the only 11 villas available in the place.

10 of the 11 villas are built at 4,890 square feet while the top villa is built on 8,093 square feet location of this paradise.

 The most exclusive villa of the resort, the Villa North Island, costs about $11,000 per night. Rumor has it that Prince William and Kate spent their honeymoon here.


The Hilltop Villa at Laucala Island Resort in Fiji

High atop Fiji’s Laucala Island, there’s a $44,000-per-night villa where guests can experience the ultimate in secluded luxury. It is reserved only for the super-rich! You can only stay at the hotel when you receive an invitation.


    The Penthouse Apartment at the Hotel Georges V in Paris, France

    Image from https://www.fourseasons.com


    The view from the private balcony of the penthouse apartment at the Hotel Georges V, shows the Eiffel Tower in full view, no obstructions across the Seine — it’s perfect for photo shoots or romantic gestures. Inside the hotel suite, there are so many deluxe features, which include a marble infinity bathtub. The room rate starts at about $26,500 per night.


    Villa Corallina, Tahiti


    Image from villacorolina.com


    Located on Motu Fareone, a tiny island off the coast of Moorea, Villa Corallina is the ultimate sanctuary for lovers. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life; if you are looking for supreme solitude in paradise, this is it. Staying at the villa would cost $430 and up per night for two.


    Bunga Raya Island Resort, Malaysia

     This island resort which is located off the coast of Borneo has 47 villas built by local craftsmen.  Swim with sea turtles and whale sharks, explore virgin forests and mangroves, and remove all stress with some spa treatments. Rates start at $1,700.


      Fregate Island Resort, Seychelles

       The resort has 16 luxurious villas and one grand estate. Each villa has elegant private veranda that has an infinity pool, a hot tub, day bed and a pavilion. The resort has a strong ecological commitment; you can even adopt a giant tortoise.

      Rates for a Frégate villa for two starts at 4,700 Euros (about $5,495) and include food and activities such as guided hikes, windsurfing and a welcome massage.


        So are you ready to splurge this year? Or you want to save this list first? Don't forget to bookmark us and visit the places above when you can :)


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