I don't have enough TIME!!!

I don't have enough TIME!!!

Remember back in the days when your parents will scold you because you haven’t slept at noon or you’re not in bed early?
Those times, yes! those times when you wish that night time will go faster. The times when you wish that the day becomes longer.
Do you ever wonder why? Because as a child the only thing you must do is few house chores, school and a lot of playtimes. As an adult, it’s vice versa. We must work hard to live, never-ending house chores and a very little time to play. What more if you have kids too? Yes, rewarding but very tiring right?
We have some tips to help you out manage all your “to do’s”
  1. Create a list ahead of time, no matter what tasks is it may it be for work or at home. This will guide you to know what has been accomplished on a daily basis.
  2. If you’re a music lover, try listening to music while you’re working or doing housework it will help you speed up & be energetic all along.
  3. Drink lots of water the more hydrated you are the more it will boost your energy.
  4. Give yourself a simple reward. If you’re a sweet tooth, treat yourself some donuts after a long tiring day. You’ll be surprised that next time you have the urge to finish things more quickly because you’re looking forward to that simple reward.
  5. Have a comfortable haven at home. Yes, it’s your bed. Most of the time this is our only chance to relax after a tiring day so let yourself experience it. You owe it to yourself. Use nice & clean bedding and never forget a luxurious feel of using a super comfy blanket that you can afford. Check it here: 


These are simple tips that sometimes we forget to do because we’re so busy to think of all the things we must do the next day.
I hope we’re able to help you!

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